Legend of a Sandwich


As the legend goes, far far away on the coast of ocean, there was a city name Sanbay. In that city, there was a boywho used to dig caves for living. He had a habit of making sandwich with left-over for lunch. So one day he prepared a dish called "Banananana de Fatte" using the recipe given to him by fairy queen (commonly known as god mother). Next day before leaving for work he prepared his lunch with previous night left-over which was Banananana de Fatte and wrapped it in the protective shield of Al-Foil. Unfortunately he was being watched by great evil called "Absent-Mindedness". Poor boy was oblivious of the great peril, which was going to fall on his sandwich. As fate had already decided, poor boy left for work under the dark shadow of evil. It was all dark and gloomy. As the time passed and day moved to noon, his stomach started churning and he felt really hungry. In his misery, he came out of the cave to breathe some fresh air and reduce his pain. As he came out, sun rays directly fell on top of boys head. It pierced through his fontanel bone and broke the darkness which clouded his mind and spirit. Aware of his mistake he requested his friend Weatherine to bring coldness to the sanbay. Suddenly strong cold wind started gathering its power and spread the "Chill" all over the bay area to fight against the army of microbes sent by evil. At the end of the day, boy reached his home and found that his sandwich was protected and safe. In the night he put his sandwich in a big bowl and poured lots of hot "Rajma" (which he prepared for the celebrations). He enjoyed his supper and lived happily for long time.