"Design and Implementation of a DSP core

on the WDC65C816 Microprocessor"


Digital Signal Processing (DSP) applications are becoming increasingly dependent on complex heterogeneous architectures, featuring a combination of a general-purpose microprocessor and DSP application specific processor. The key advantage of such architectures is their ability to arrange the data computation between the processors on the basis of applications. This Thesis focuses on the implementation of a DSP processor core as a seamless adjunct to the 16-bit WDC 65C816 general-purpose microprocessor. The Thesis evaluates the available 16-bit fixed point DSP architectures and presents a design of the compatible DSP processor core. The Thesis also specifies the architectural changes of the WDC 65C816 architecture and describes the advantages of the new added features. DSP filter algorithms are implemented on the designed architecture to test its performance and to provide comparative benchmarks. The Verilog HDL code of the DSP core integrated with the modified WDC 65C816 microprocessor is simulated in the Simucad Silos 2001 environment and synthesized using Cypress Semiconductor Warp. The processor latency and data throughput has been tested and verified in the Aldec Active HDL-Sim.


Final Report (pdf)